Which is better IIT Kharagpur or RVCE Bangalore for CSE?

By Akshat 16 March, 2024

Both RVCE and IIT-KGP are highly regarded engineering institutes in India, offering exceptional computer science programs. 

IIT Kharagpur NIRF Ranking: 6 (2023) RVCE Bangalore NIRF Ranking: 96 (2023)

IIT Kharagpur offers exceptional placement opportunities with an average package of 18.75 LPA in 2023.

RVCE is not far behind with an average package of 16 LPA for CSE in 2023.

Both RVCE and IIT Kharagpur offer rigorous CSE curriculums that prepare students for success in the industry.

Both institutes are highly respected academically, but IIT Kharagpur has a slightly higher overall reputation.

RVCE is one of the top institutes in Bangalore. So, it's a great choice for people who are looking for college in Bangalore.

Ultimately, the best institution for you will depend on your individual priorities and preferences.

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