Is RVCE Bangalore better than IIT Patna for CSE?

By AKSHAT | 19 February 2024

Both RV College of Engineering (RVCE) and IIT Patna are well-regarded institutes and provide exceptional computer science programs

NIRF Ranking 2023  IIT Patna: 41st rank RVCE Bangalore: 96th rank

In the placement year 2023, RVCE Bangalore received a total of 963 offers from 225 companies.

In the placement year 2023, 245 students were placed out of 295 and 413 offers were given to students.

Highest Package 2023 RVCE Bangalore = 62 LPA IIT Patna = 82.05 LPA

Average Package 2023 RVCE = 14.60 LPA IIT Patna = 23.90 LPA

Finally, both colleges are equally good but the "better" choice between RVCE and IIT Patna depends on your priorities, career goals, and preferences. 

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