Is BMSCE Bangalore better than IIT Delhi for CSE?

By AKSHAT 07 April, 2024



BMS College of Engineering and IIT Delhi are both among India's top engineering institutes for Computer Science Engineering.

BMS College of Engineering or BMSCE Bangalore is the first private engineering college in India, established in 1946 in Bangalore.

In the year 2023, world's top companies like Adobe, Oracle, Ericsson, Amazon, IBM, Philips, Accenture, etc. visited BMSCE Bangalore for campus placement.

IIT Delhi Placements 2024 Phase 1 has ended. Around 1000 students received 1050 job offers (including pre-placement offers from 20 organisations). 

Highest Package 2023 BMSCE = 48 LPA IIT Delhi = 2 CPA

After looking at these stats, it is very clear that placement opportunities in both colleges are good, but IIT Delhi is slightly better 

BMSCE is a private institution and it is easier to get into BMSCE than IIT Delhi due to management quota admissions in BMSCE.

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