Is RVCE Bangalore better than IIT Dharwad for CSE?

By AKSHAT | 21 December 2023

Both RV College of Engineering (RVCE) and IIT Dharwad are well-regarded institutes and provide exceptional computer science programs

NIRF Ranking 2023  IIT Dharwad: 93rd rank RVCE Bangalore: 96th rank

In the placement year 2023, RVCE Bangalore received a total of 963 offers from 225 companies.

In the placement year 2023, more than 500 companies visited IIT Dharwad, and the placement rate for IIT Dharwad was 87.62%.

Highest Package 2023 RVCE Bangalore = 62 LPA IIT Dharwad = 40 LPA

Average Package 2023 RVCE = 14.60 LPA IIT-DH = 18.53 LPA

After looking at these stats, it is very clear that placement opportunities at both colleges are almost the same. But RVCE is a private college, so it is much easier to get admission in RVCE than in IIT-DH.

Finally, both colleges are equally good but the "better" choice between RVCE and IIT-DH depends on your priorities, career goals, and preferences. 

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