Is JBIMS better than Symbiosis for MBA?

By AKSHAT | 08 January 2024

Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS) is situated in Mumbai and is one of India's oldest business schools, founded in 1965.

SIBM or Symbiosis Institute of Business Management is situated in Pune. SIBM Pune is a Constituent of Symbiosis International University (SIU).

Both JBIMS and SIBM Pune are highly regarded Indian business schools, known for their academic excellence and research focus.

JBIMS = 35.75 LPA (2023) SIBM = 35.05 LPA (2023)

Highest Package

JBIMS = 28.02 LPA (2023) SIBM = 26.77 LPA (2023)

Average Package

In terms of placement opportunities, both colleges are almost the same, but JBIMS is slightly better.

Getting admission in both colleges is very tough, but you can get Direct Admission in JBIMS through management quota

There is very little difference in the fees of both colleges. Also, faculty of both colleges are well-qualified and contribute to a positive learning environment 

Ultimately, the choice between JBIMS and SIBM depends on your personal preferences, career goals, and the specific factors that matter most to you.