IIT Delhi Placements Statistics 2023

By AKSHAT | 02 December, 2023

One of India's best engineering schools, IIT Delhi has modern infrastructure, modern amenities and research labs.

For many Indian engineering students, IIT Delhi is the dream college because of its gorgeous campus and excellent placement statistics.

In the placement year 2023, 1300 companies presented job offers to IIT Delhi students in various top organizations in India and the world. 

IIT Delhi attracts top companies for campus placements, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, BCG, McKinsey, and Qualcomm. 

In the Placement year 2023, IIT-D's Highest Package is International = 2.50 Crore Domestic = 1.20 Crores.

In the Placement year 2023 Average Package = 17.60 LPA Median Package (CSE) = 20.5 LPA 

IIT Delhi students often receive high-paying salaries, particularly in computer science, electronics, and finance, among the country's highest. 

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